Awake! O Sleeper

Verse 1

Adam’s race bears Adam’s curse

The awful weight of sin and shame

Dead in trespass and in sin

No goodness of our own claim

Verse 2

Christ in love went to the cross,

To purchase us through sacrifice

But no grave could hold Him down

So we are raised from death to life


Awake! O Sleeper, rise up from the dead,

The light of Christ will shine on you

For He is risen, now just as He said

The grave is made barren; your life is made new

Verse 3

He broke free of death’s dread chains

Dispelling darkness with His light

Death and Hell are put to shame

For Christ revealed His power and might


Verse 4

We are called to walk in love

Our sinful self is crucified

Just as Christ Himself was raised

Now we have resurrection life

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