Every Tongue


You deserve, Oh God, for praise to rise

From the lips and hearts of every man

Yet a dark and deathly silence hangs

Over all of Your created land


You have called and sent Your people out

To bring glory of Your holy name

Hear our answer to the kingdom call

To spread far Your worth fame


We will go, till Worship comes

From every tribe and every tongue

Lord, send us out, till praise is sung

By every tribe, in every tongue

Verse 2

One day every human tribe and race

Will fall down before Your glorious throne

But till then we’ll go and we’ll proclaim:

Praise belongs to You and You alone


From the mountains to the raging seas

We will go and we will boldly tell

That through death and resurrection life

Christ destroyed the power of Hell



You, God, are stronger, than all the powers

That seek to silence, the praise You deserve

Lord give us boldness, To spread the Gospel

To every corner, throughout all the earth

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