For Our Sake

 Vs 1: Unceasing praise and fragrant smoke

All Heaven’s halls of gilded gold

To these riches of His home

Christ the Savior did not hold


Born as a child in helplessness

He veiled Divinity with flesh

Dwelling here with the oppressed

Humbled even unto death

Chorus: Let us sing for the grace

Oh the grace of our Lord

Though He was rich for our sake

For our sake became poor


Vs 2: So let us now but loosely hold

What moth will eat and rust corrode

All our silver and our gold

They could never bring us hope


And may our hearts and hands now be

All filled with generosity   

Christ’s example following

Giving to all those in need


Bridge: Through His poverty

His riches we receive

Hail the humble King of Heaven

Through His poverty

What riches we receive

Let us give as He has given


Tag: Hail the humble King of Heaven

Let us give as He has given