Grace Has Appeared


This the scene, bright Angel wings,

Seraphim and smoke;

Hear the cry, both day and night:

Holy is the Lord!

God expects full Righteousness

We have fallen short;

Now we see we are unclean

Where then is our hope?


But Grace Has appeared,

Grace Has appeared to us.

 Verse 2

Son of Man, still Great I Am,

Christ fulfilled the Law;

All our Sin Was Laid on Him

To redeem our fall

Let us dress in Righteousness

Worthy of this call

For God Sees His Injuries

Covering our flaws


For Grace Has appeared,

Grace Has appeared to us;


Salvation Has Come,

Salvation Has Come,

Grace Has appeared, now this is our song:

Salvation has come!

Verse 3 

Christ the Judge, All Glorious,

Will from clouds descend;

Now we wait, anticipate

When He’ll come again

Faithfully we’ll serve our King

Labor is not vain,

Let’s be cleansed from Lawlessness

Ready for the end


For Christ Will Appear

Christ will appear for us

Chorus 2 

Salvation will Come,

Salvation will Come,

Christ will appear, so this is our song:

Salvation will come!


Grace Has appeared

Christ Will Appear for us

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