Vs 1: Hear the prayers of Your people, Our Father

As we ask for our daily bread

You’re creation’s sustainer, Provider

All good things have come from Your hand


For if You will feed the birds above

And paint the field’s display

We can trust Your provision, Our Father

To meet all our needs for each day

 Chorus: Amen, Amen, hearts bowed down and voices raised

This we pray in Jesus Name, Amen

Vs 2: Hear the prayers of Your people, Almighty

As we labor after the Fall

All we see is the struggle, the suffering

We are overwhelmed by it all


Let Your justice like a river flow

And mercy like a flood

Now we trust in Your goodness, Almighty

To make hate surrender to love


Vs 3: Hear the prayers of Your people, Oh Abba

When we just don’t know what to say

May Your Spirit indwelling, Come aid us

Transform all our groanings to praise


And the earth itself now groans with us

Its laboring in pain

Till the day of redemption, Oh Abba

This we pray in Jesus’ name