I teach piano and music lessons in Bedford Virginia. I was trained in piano performance at Liberty University, and have over a decade of professional performance experience in a wide variety of styles, including classical, sacred, music theatre, and pop music. I have been teaching private lessons since 2008 to students of a wide variety of ages. My desire for my students is for them to be proficient, not only in playing music, but in understanding music theory, history, and interpretation. 

Location: Bower Center for the Arts, Bedford, VA

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  • "What Mr. Miyagi was to karate, Micah P is to the piano. Micah is the real deal! Not only he is a great pianist, he is also a great instructor. Our son has been taking lessons with him and LOVES going to piano and is eager to practice. Micah is a BIG part of that. We would recommend him to anyone. A++" - Tyler S.

  • "Micah taught our eldest son piano for over a year before we were called out of state.  Our son, who is diagnosed with moderate Autism, grew in a variety of ways musically and spiritually through his instruction.  Micah's brilliant, and diverse, understanding of music and people enabled our son to be challenged and therefore grow on multiple levels. Our son not only learned to play the notes but he learned the theory and history behind the music.  Micah's Christ-like compassion, and ability to 'think out of the box', opened doors for our son that would not have been possible with any other music teacher.   We are confident that anyone who spends time under Micah's instruction will be blessed abundantly, we certainly were."  - Sharon H.

  • "Micah is a great teacher because he instinctively employs the perfect amount of patience, enthusiasm, and respect for his students, regardless of their skill level.  He has a natural ability to challenge and encourage.  We appreciate that he incorporates performance, music theory, and composition in his lessons, depending on the student's interest." - Anne K. 


Lesson payment and attendance policies: 

Lesson Times:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

4-4:30, 4:30-5, 5-5:30, 5:30-6

3 Terms (15 weeks each):

Summer Term: May - Aug

Fall Term: Sept - Dec

Spring Term: Jan - April




Price Includes: Lesson Time, Facility Fees, Foundational Lesson Material (additional lesson material can be purchased by students)

Payment Policy:

1.     Those paying monthly must pay by the second lesson of the month. Failure to pay by this date will cause you to be billed weekly. This will include all unpaid lessons.

2.     Those paying per term most pay by the third week of the term. Failure to pay by this date will cause you to be billed monthly. Failure to pay the monthly fee by the 6th week will cause you to be billed weekly. This will include all unpaid lessons.

Cancelation Policy:

1.     Cancellation of a lesson must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time or you are still responsible for paying for the lesson. This includes leaving messages on voicemail or eMail.

2.     No-shows or failure to notify the teacher within 24 hours is considered a forfeited lesson.

3.     There are no refunds on forfeited lessons.

4.     Three cancelations for sickness are allowed per term. Sicknesses do not require 24 hours notice.

5.     No more than five total cancellations per Term are allowed.

6.     Those paying Per Term or Per Month can choose to be refunded for properly cancelled lessons or can schedule make-up lessons in-between terms. Those paying weekly will not be charged for that week, but do not have the option to do make-up lessons.

-Those who wish to be part of a swap system can share contact information with other students who are willing to be flexible and swap lesson times when needed to avoid cancelation.

7.     Should you choose to take a break, you must pay full price for the time slot. Properly canceled lessons that have not been refunded or made-up can be banked for you for up to a eight-week break. Unused lessons after that time will be considered forfeited.

8.     Should you decide to stop taking lessons altogether, 2 lessons notice is required.