Thanks Be to God

Verse 1

Thanks be to God who gives us grace

Though seeds of wrath we’d sown

No goodness of our own could earn 

The Love our God has shown

For all good works done on our own

Entrench sin’s slavery

How can our wretched wayward souls

Now be from death set free?


Triumph comes through Jesus Christ

He breathes into our death His breath of life

Thanks Be to God

Sin’s dark Power now is Gone

We’ll sing forever this resounding song

Thanks be to God

Verse 2

Thanks be to God who gives us strength

To walk the narrow way

Though broader paths entice our souls

It’s by His grace we stay

We live to show to those around

The fragrant Gospel sweet

We spread the message out abroad

That Hell will face defeat


Verse 3

Thanks be to God who gives us hope

That death is not the end

For Christ will come and we’ll be changed

All brokenness will mend

We give You thanks Almighty God

Who is and who has been

Your awesome power conquers all

Your reign will have no end


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