There's No Need to be Afraid

Verse One

There’s no need to heed the weight

The fear of circumstance creates

Dread not what tomorrow holds

Remember who is in Control


Christ is Lord of creation

Firstborn and the Sovereign One

He who gave the stars their place

Is the master of our days


We Fall down before

The resurrected Lord

Though He died, he lives forevermore

In power He was raised

Conquering Hell and the Grave

There’s no need, there’s no need, to be afraid

 Verse Two

When we see sin’s awful stain

And hear the tempter’s voice proclaim

That our hearts are too far gone

To be loved by a holy God


Remember the Savior’s cry,

“It is finished” as he died

Rising up Victoriously

Full atonement: Can it be?


Verse Three 

Walking through death’s dark valley

The murky shadows surrounding

At the end for all awaits

The darkness of the yawning grave


To that grave Christ holds the key

Death swallowed in victory

He will wipe our every tear

What then is there left to fear?


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