1.     At Your name the mountains tremble

And Your wrath divides the sea

Praise rings out throughout the heavens

And it rises from the deep

 Pre-Chorus: None Can Compare

For Lord, You are


Chorus: Unrivaled, Unequaled

All power You command

Lord, tear down, our idols

Until You truly stand:

Unrivaled, Unequaled

None higher than You are

Lord, tear down, our idols

Come reign within our hearts:



2.     Why would we split our affections

Between You and earthly loves

None below can stand beside You

None compares in Heaven above

Pre-chorus: Come Change our hearts

Until You are


 Bridge: Power unsurpassable

Your glory is unparalleled

Strength incomprehensible

Worthy of our praise

None one else is like our God

Why would we turn to lesser loves?

As if, O Lord, You’re not enough

For Your Holy Name, is:

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