Who is He Who Suffered Death

1.    Who is He who suffered death,

On the cross of Calvary?

Who is He who bowed His head,

In great pain and agony?


And whose broken body hung,

And poured out precious blood?

Could He be the hope of man,

Could He be the Son of God?


2.    He cried out, my God, my God,

Why have You forsaken me

Jesus took His final breath

As the earth began to heave


And the soldier standing there,

Was filled with fear and awe,

He confessed the Jesus Christ

Truly is the Son of God


3.    Who are we that Christ the Son,

Would face judgment in our stead?

For it was our debt of sin,

That the Lord paid with His death.


Now by faith in Christ was stand,

Adopted through His blood,

We who once were enemies,

Can be called the sons of God!

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