Words All Fail

Verse 1

Words all fail to express my awe

In the face of Love Divine

Still my lips overflow with praise

That can never be confined


For When I was His enemy

He fought to make me safe

When I chased only after sin

He pursued me with His grace

Verse 2

Words all fail to describe the pain

That my Savior bore for me

How could I ever comprehend

All the horror of Calvary


For there His ravaged flesh poured out

The torrent of His blood

Yet these gruesome wounds are hope

And His agony is love

Verse 3

Words all fail to declare the hope

That I have in Jesus Christ

For one day I’ll be raised with Him

To the joy of deathless life


Then I will sing an endless song

To the Glory of my Lord

There my tongue will be glorified

And my words will fail no more