You Are Greater

Verse 1

Oh Jesus, You are higher than all the hosts of Heaven

For no angel ever heard, the Father say the words:

You are my Son, to whom all praise is given

All of creation is Your own

Verse 2

Oh Jesus, You are greater than any earthly priesthood

For the priest must still atone, for the sins of his own

You alone, were perfect when You shed blood

We come before the Father’s throne


Author of our Faith, Your blood has made a way

Jesus You are greater

Perfect spotless Lamb, Above the schemes of man

Jesus You are greater

Verse 3

Oh Jesus, You are better than all the sacrifices

Though so many lambs were slain, still they had to come again

Your blood alone, forever purifies us

Once and for all the work is done


When angels sing praise: You receive it

Where all others fail, You give rest

At the Father’s side, You’re interceding

By Your sacrifice, You ended death

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